The Package

So today our £12,000 carnet left South Africa for sunnier climates….I’m doing SA an injustice as the weather is now good,,,,, but too windy to go up Table Mountain. The cable car is closed and I cannot be bothered to walk up. The carnet should arrive in the UK in one working day !!! OMG ! ONE ! I don’t beleive it ! and it was only £10. Royal Mail take note ! DHL if you get it there that fast and don’t loose it you have my custom for ever. Some photos as promised. Did I mention Table mountain was closed. Bah !!!Whilst we were at home my father, whos an avid bird watcher was in the local nature reserve going where he shouldn’t (according to form)! He tripped over a fence (not climbing over it you understand) and broke his leg. Now my Uncle and Auntie, Roger and Sue are also both bird watchers,,, actully you could say they we both “twitchers” and Sue is part of the nature reserve “management”, if thats the correct term. He won’t be making a claim for damages…..he’s been told off. Every time we visited whilst we were home we knew he was on the way to the front door as we could hear the squeeking of aluminium from his zimmer frame. He needs the practice using it as he’s getting on a bit…….He’s lucky he only broke his leg and not his neck. The two suitcases we took back to South Africa contained half a Land Rover and half a pharmacy. Enough said….Steve, my mate from Railway days will enjoy the photos of the kite surfing locals. 7 – 7.5 kites and 25 knot winds. We heard a debate on if it was safe to use a 9……me thinks not. He’s doesn’t read this anyhow, do you Steve ?There are other photos from home of our nieces, my mother and Julies Gran. We have omitted all and some due to the fact that teenage girls only post photos on facebook and if their Uncle took the photos and posted them, it would be embarassing. This strange mindset is why teenagers are very strange. We were all teenagers once….I think. My father still thinks he is….climbing over a fence indeed !Henning our Danish “mainlander” biker friend wants me to do a bungie jump….I think not. Father take note…..BTW did the cast come off today ?We should of course thank all that looked after us whilst we were at home. We were wined and dined by all the family (Mum, Dad, Gran, Auntie Sue and Uncle Roger). I think my brother even bought me a pint without me having to sign a contract stating I would pay it back. This was the way of things when we were younger and it worked both ways. We had beer and frolics with old work collegues and friends and some of them also bought us food and alcohol. So THANKS to all. THANK YOU. Mike C, Alisair M, Tracy M, Lindsey F, Sue B, Roger B, Sheila K, Michael B, Maureen M, Karen T, Martyn H, Jessica H, Jade H, Myung Suk B and Noel L.

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