The Big Year

I know you’ve not seen it, niether have I…..I’m sure Jack Black is very proud of it. Owen Wilson might not remember making it….So this is it. A year on the road (ignoring the holiday back to the UK) So for those of you who want to be accurate. Congratulate us in another month.We are actully moving again having left Cape Town. Just went up to see Nick and Vicky of langebaan-sunset again. They are getting itchy feet. See you in South America !We also went out for a meal with Des and Hennie….will the hospitality never end. These South Africans put us Brits to shame. Message to Kobus and Alett, were on our way up the coast (Garden Route) and may only be in South Africa for another month!!! Get your skates on…..We investigated getting a sedimentor for the fuel line but the only one they had was a local brand. I need a Delphi one. Still hunting. We also looked for a water tank so we can ditch the jerry cans and release some space in the car. We’ve found one and also got someone to fit it. We just need to order it. I will also check around for better pricing though.We have one quote back for the shipping. The other should come monday. The problem is the agents here don’t have agents in South America so getting the car on the boat and over to SAm is easy, getting it off at the other end will involve finding an agent. An agent who speaks english! If we ship to Argentina that may be difficult. So we want to ship to Montevideo in Uruguay to avoid 1984 politics and to get it cheaper. Shipping is 12 to 19 days.The trip up Table Mountain lasted for less time than the queuing for the tickets. The view is good and the weather was good. Today the weather is shocking again. Wheres the summer we were told should be here by now? Table Mountain had been closed for 4 days so the queue was a bit long….

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