Ice Age

We came to summer in argentina didn’t we? Who would have thought this is their summer! Anyhow, we came to the end of the Andies and not the one on the end of your armies! That one never gets old….or does it. You tell me. We were hoping to get into the National Park after gates closed and so we didn’t have to pay. They’ve stopped that and now have a guy on the gate. We tried 8.30pm and 5:15am and ended up waiting till 7am until they opened and paid £26 to see the ice. Its one of the only non-receding glaciers in the world. Its still advancing. That shows you how bloody cold it is here even in summer! It was actually the best day we’ve had so far weather wise. We’d still rather be in Chile though and are liking Chile more than Argentina for some reason. We will keep going back and forth as we’ve not seen even a small percentage of either country yet and need to cross the border about 10 times in the next few weeks.The place we are now used to have free camping and we are meant to be meeting a load of bikers here for new year. We also found another English Land Rover looking to do the same. Its seems the free campsite is no more and all we can fathom is that its because nobody was staying at the paid camping so they closed the free one to help the local campsites. Well knock we down with a feather…..of course everyone went to the free one. All they needed to do was charge reasonable rates in the pay ones and people will go to them. Free ones don’t have hot showers or WiFi and pay ones do (sometimes on the WiFi part) so if they charge under fiver people will go. Problem is they charge over a fiver usually and sometimes much much more. I’ve been through this many times about rip off campsites….We have now found a free place to camp next to the Tourist Info place exactly where the old free camp was. Figure that one out. Problem is they don’t allow tents we think, only motor homes. Matilda is a Motor Home ! She’s getting big headed.We went to one of the pay for campsites and there is still nobody there and no staff to tell us how much it was. So thats just great ! Close the free ones and have vacent pay ones. The bikers will have fun…..

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