Dead Or Alive

We have so much to tell you but the internet is so slow. Main points are that we’ve been denied entry to Chile due to Matilda being Right Hand Drive. This is a new one on us….nothing on the internet but the rule is legitimate. We have the embassy on the case and if they’ve just started enforcing the rule which was issued in 2005 then its a big problem for other overlanders !!!We killed a Armadillo…and missed the next one we saw…took photos of both of course. Sorry little fella….i nearly turned Matilda over trying to avoid you !”slightly flat with a rippled under side”…..(those of you who remember the advert)We tried to cross into Chile at a very unknown border first and we didn’t make it across the river as it was too high. We made it across the smaller rivers and I got my feet and shorts wet testing the depth. Luckily on the second water crossing I went in and checked the depth again. We would have got stuck in the mud for sure. So we went back and got the Uni-Mog out….the Argentinian border guards took us on a three hour joy ride to see the river we could not cross. I spent about 40 mins in the freezing water looking for places to cross. No chance in crossing at Bello to Villa O’Higgins in summer as there is too much water in the main river. If you are on a peddle cycle and fancy a hard couple of days they OK. Motorcycles and cars can forget it. The Argentinian border post at Bello were fantastic !Second attempt was tried by Bill and Rosemary and they were denied just as we arrived. Right Hand Drive cars are not allowed in Chile….even though we’ve already been in twice !!!So they called the next border and we are knackered. Embassy is on the case trying to find a diplomatic solution we hope !More on all this later…..

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