Dark Side Of The Moon

Not quite as dramatic as being on the moon but we may be out of contact for quite a while. No working internet on the phone and no 3G. We are back on Sat Phone and Wi-Fi cafes. The Sat Phone messages take 24 hours to come through sometimes. UK text messages to my UK number work fine. Julie switches that phone on all the time as we get bank updates/alerts on that number. We can respond off the Argentina sim card. So we still have contact. Of course we will be updating the map as we try to drive 2600km in 10 days….Checking out of the aprtment in half an hour. We still need to make the car habitable. There’s wiring to fix and stuff to clean. Its a mess !We’ve dumped two suitcases today which we’ve been carrying around since we came home in October. I’m glad they’re gone. We seem to have accumulated a car full of stuff. Its about time we had a clear out.

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