Not quite as exciting as the film. In reality not exciting at all as its 2600km of almost nothing so far and we’ve driven half of it. There is alegedly some more things to see this afternoon or tomorrow. We shall see….quite literally.There are a lot of trucks going both directions. We’ve met one overlander in his camper van and would you believe his name was Stefan Bird, actually its Stefan Vogel but thats Steven Bird if you translate from German. We also saw a UK motorbike, he waved but we didn’t see him again. Maybe he’s on his was to the south.We still haven’t got gas for cooking and we are using small gas canisters on the backup (backpacker) cookers. We can replace one type of these in main supermarkets but the other camping gas “ezi click?” ones we don’t think we can replace. The screw on canisters we have seen in Supermarkets so at least we can cook simple meals on a single ring. We found a little guy today who filled canisters but he was unwilling to butcher his setup to fill my bottle. We may have more success in the next larger town. I have many adapters but none like the ones here.So far we’ve been staying for free in truck stops which is good news as we are spending a fortune on Diesel driving these big distances. The headwind yesterday made me use about 25% more fuel. We only did 472 miles when normally we’d do ~600 miles on 101 litres. It was VERY windy and we were heading direcly into the wind all day. The German guy was having a big problem with side wind gusts and as such had stopped hoping the wind would subside. It still hasn’t.Picture of the damage to the roof. The Mosquito net causing the flames,,,the rest just melted and fell onto the bed. Luckily our expensive down sleeping bags were just far enough away. As an Overlander choosing a fire extinguisher I’d go for Halon (or something like) as they make a lot less mess ! I cannot remember the exact name of the gas but they are really good….and expensive. Considering the mess the powder makes, it would be worth it. 

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