Poseidon Adventure

Details on the Shipping costs and agents at each end. We used a “fixer” in the form of Duncan at African Overlanders in Gordons Bay. This cost us 2000 rand and to be honest added nothing. If you want to ship your car whilst you are not there it would be a valuable service however. If you are in country just do it yourself. We had quotes from various agents and costs were similar. If you ship from PE the shipping time is 9 days shorter which we were not advised of. The boats go from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth (PE) and then PE to South Amercia. The container waited 9 days in PE. We have no complaints to make regarding either end. The final invoice in South Africa was produced after we had stuffed the car so the bill went up slightly. So expect this. The invoice in South America was fixed and everything was above board and perfect. The language barrier was a minor problem.The South America agent is part of Grimaldi.Kenco ClearingJustin HooperUnit C , Parc Dumont, Cnr Railway & Hoist Road, Montague Gardens, Cape Town, South AfricaTel: +27 21 552 6577Fax: +27 21 552 4235Cell: +27 83 592 6581Skype: justin.hooper5justin.kenco@mweb.co.zawww.kencoclearing.co.zaCOSTS:HAZARDOUS DOCUMENTATION AND STICKERS 513.00 LOAD AND SECURE / LASH AND STRAP 1,197.00 HAULGE TO LOAD DEPOT 1,254.00 CARGO DUES 1,233.02  TERMINAL HANDLING FEE 1,618.00 OCEAN FREIGHT AND BAF AND SURCHARGES 14,276.00 CTO /NAVIS FEE 114.00 HAULIER HANDOVER FEE 370.00 AGENTS RELEASE AND BILLS OF LADING 900.00 CUSTOMS DOCUMENTATION 570.00  CUSTOMS EXAM AND ATTENDANCE 570.00 FORWARDING FEE 1,824.00  EMPTY LIFTS 570.00 COMMUNICATION 182.40 DISBURSEMENT CHARGES 250.80  TOTAL DUE R 25,442.22 (Approx <$3000 USD)paid by bank transfer so zero tax.Plate Logistics S.A. Martín Schapavaloff 25 de Mayo 702 – Piso 1, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaTel: 54 (11) 4894-0445/6 Fax: 54 (11) 4515-0176 Cell:54 (11) 15-5182-1814Nextel: 54*141*1953commercial@platelogistics.com.ar  www.platelogistics.com.arCOSTS:Agency Charges: usd 620 (Taxes incl)Port charges: usd 1580 (Taxes incl)Customs doc fee: usd 50 (Taxes incl)Customs Broker: usd 350 (Taxes incl)Total amount: usd $2600* (Taxes incl)Paid this in Argentina Pesos as Blue Market exchange rate on changing usd (which we had) is about 28% better so saving us about $500usd off the bill. So Total was reduced to usd $2100. BRING DOLLARS !!!!!

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