Dirty Harry

It got to that stage again….we paid an excessive amount of money for a campsite so we could wash the bedding. Luckily they had a plastic washing tray thing so we could do a proper job. IT would have been cheaper to get it washed in the next Hotel !Its really strange when hotels cost M$200 or M$350 and a campsite is M$300. This is the way of things all over the world so far. The camsites have no idea on value of their service. We can get a Hotel Room, Cable TV, linen and air-conditioning for M$200 and the next campsite want M$300 for nothing other than a bit of land. This Hotel pictured is M$350 practically on the beach. We’d didn’t shop around.It actually makes me mad….they think they are well priced and doing you a favor ! I know where we are staying from now on. Hotels.

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