Been meaning to post this for a bit….We’ve been told on our travels that we are moving too fast, moving too slow and that we’ve missed the “beautiful” things….that we’re going to die in the next country on many occasions….many times we’ve been told this in both Africa and America…We’ve met people “travelling” very slowly….in fact they are “travelling” so slowly they are not moving at all. They are just living in a country for years (in a car). Some only move to do a visa border bounce or to get the car paperwork re-done. This isn’t overlanding in my opinion and isn’t really travelling. They pass opinion on where we should go and what we should see and say that we are “travelling to fast”. Most of them are well meaning, well travelled and not at all falling into the category of people I’m talking about here though. Unfortunately some do fall into this category and these are usually the ones with nothing to go home for. These are the ones that have left their homes and in fact do not have homes at all. They live abroad and have no fixed abode. They pretend to be overlanders but do little overlanding combined with plenty of camping.Some of us have a budget and a limited time that allows. We are not retired and not working. For goodness sake….we’re NOT working. If i wanted to experience South America for 2 years. I’d move there and buy a house! I spend as much time in a country as I want to. I stay one or more nights in a place and move on before I get to the point where you stop travelling. In certain campsites there are other overlanders around and you stay too long. No sooner do you decide to leave than another overlander turns up and you decide to stay a few more days to get to know them. Its like a virus….every new arrival at the camp infects the “residents” with the desire to stay a bit longer. Before you know it you’ve been there for three weeks and done nothing. You’ve certainly not travelled! You have met some great people however. This not only destroys you bank balance, as every day stationary is a day lost somewhere else but it destroys your drive to get going to the next place. I’m not doing this journey to meet every person in every town or indeed every overlander on the continent. I like meeting them but not at the detriment of my journey or our/your Journey… get the fcuk moving…..

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