Strange Days

A strange few days and a film I really like….We’ve been to the cinema a few times and watched also watched a few things we missed which we had downloaded. We went to see the Illusionists and whilst being OK it was full of plot holes and things that didn’t stack up. Worth a watch, yes. Been to see Wolverine also. OK so this is also full of things where you just say “hold on a minute,,, should they be X, Y, Z”  and there’s never an explanation. So although Its OK its not great. Isn’t it great when you can go to see a movie for £3….Back to the trip. We’ve been skipping our way up through the Yucatan and stopping at various RV parks and even some “Love Motels”. The love motel were very interested in us when we started to unload the big items off the roof so we could fit it into our private garage. Those of you unfamiliar with love motels should Google the basic set up. You get a room and private garage where you go directly from the garage to the room. Nobody ever sees you. Even check it in done from the car. We managed to cook in the garage as it was pissing with rain. Its the perfect overlanding hotel. If only they would make the garages 2.5meters and not 2.3meters tall. You can also have your food delivered though a hatch worthy of a James Bond Movie. It was a good hotel !We’ve been to Chichen Itza but I do not know why. Tikal is much better. We were in and out in under 2 hours. Its pretty busy so get there before lunch.At some point we picked up a Cat. Yes, a real cat. It was in the engine bay making a right racket last night. I though it was under the car, not inside it ! Anyhow we might have brought it all the way from the camp the night before in the pouring rain for 5 hours in the engine bay ???? Once poked enough to make it want to get out of the tight spot it was in, it immediately shot up a tree. I’ve never heard meowing like it. I wonder if we’d separated it from Mum….and then transported it a few hundred miles….LMAO. It will likely be OK where we left it if that’s indeed what happened. Shame we didn’t have the cat to catch the mouse we Tonight we stay in another Motel for M$340. Not quite a nice as the first one with the king-size bed and mirrors….however that one was M$500.

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