The Wrong Trousers

Managed to find a free camp in Oregon on the side of the columbia river. A nice free camp with OK toilets with hot water. We arrived a bit late and we’d already eaten at Denny’s due to the McDonalds bank crisis. One thing missing was a shower but what do you expect for a car park. All the campsites are still closed for the season but the weather is good and the snow is gone here. I’ve no idea whos logic it is to close the campsites for most of the year. When they are open they are full all the time, every day all “season”. If they were open now there would still be people camping. We tried quite a few and I was loosing my temper at driving to one for it to be shut. (we tried quite a few)…one was open but the toilets and showers were closed until April 15th but it was still $15 to camp!!! We eventually found one that opened last week and it was fully open and I think 30% full already. The showers were cold but the water was hot ! We got our first shower for a week and we needed it. After 5 or 6 days I start to get quick tempered and its due to not having had a wash. We cooked outside and made Spagetti and drank wine. It was cool but this is what a evening should be like. We shouldn’t have to search for somewhere to camp properly. Walmart is OK but you can’t exactly start cooking in the car park…..but the RV’s do which is why they get banned and then they ruin it for us all.Ordered some parts for the car. Again its all maintenance stuff as we don’t have a real problem it just something that need replaceing due to age. In fact i should have replaced it before we left the UK so thats how minor it is ! I think going into Alaska and some of the remote places up there the cold might cause them to fail so I will replace them. According to the web it will take three hours to do. So with me, five hours. I’ve also ordered some new glow plugs as one is not working and i’m not sure about the other three so I’ll replace the lot. She still starts without them but at -20c its a bit difficult. 10 seconds is too long. LMAO…I want an Audi level of quick starting at those temps. Land Rover say a 300Tdi will start almost first time at down to -30c and they are right. She starts no problem and with no glow plug in at least one cylinder. I’d suggest they are all dead so she starts with none.

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