Supersize Me1

What is it about McDonalds that keeps me annoyed?They have a Dollar Menu and most items on it are not a Dollar. In some states there is a wide selection of items for a Dollar and in some there are none. Today at breakfast we went in to get a decaf coffee. Normally a dollar each for any size. I say normally but this is also random. In this McD the two MEDIUM coffees were $3.74 (including tax) when normally our two LARGE ones are $2.10 (including tax). The breakfast muffin which are usually $1 each were,,,,,,wait for it,,,,$2.39 each!!!! (plus tax)So lets do the maths….normally two drinks and two McMuffins is $4.20 but in Washington its $8.94….(both including tax) In Washington the tax is 8.7% and in most states its 5% but that’s not the real problem. I think the real problem is the owner. WTF !!!!!!So McDonalds, how can you have a dollar menu when no singe item on it is a dollar ? Answer me that……(they have a get out its technically  called “dollar menu and more” with the operative on the word MORE!)No breakfast Wi-Fi for us then. We go to Denny’s later and eat properly.

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