One Red Shoe

Actually its four black shoes. Purchased from Costco without a membership. We begged for forgiveness as my (Griffins) membership has run out and I cannot renew it here. I cannot buy a USA membership as i’m not a “citizen”. So Matilda has 4 new tyres. It was a bit of a monumental task as when fitted we had death wobble so off we went back to them. They tried to balance them again and it turns out its not my wheel rims/hubs it was the tyre. One of them was not round. I suggest this was the same in South Africa with the last set also but not to this extent. The wobble is gone. I’m still needing to re-set the preloads on the swivels though as this is way to light. Once thats done in Seattle we will be rocking and rolling as they say….without the rocking though. Julies has snatched the laptop so no photos until i get it back…..Is that what we look like watching a Movie in the car…..

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