Duck Dynasty

Dash has a new bird…. She’s a real cutie….So she’s called Dash’s bird until she gets a proper name. Maybe that is the proper name. Would you believe she was born in Bolton and then migrated to the USA. I doubt she was delivered in the local NHS hospital and no idea how long she’s live here. The parts place have let me down. First delivery was delayed one day before shipping and the second hasn’t even left the UK yet…..NOT happy !!!!Every day sat around cost us £55ukp…..and we don’t have the money to sit around ! Really NOT happy !!!!!On a lighter note we have no idea why Pete had a piss in the field…..I used the toilets. It was $5 camping and really just parking in the car park so we broke our own rule. However they did have hook-ups if we wanted to use them (for more money) and a shower so the “camping in a car park for money” rule was only 50% broken. We do not pay to park and sleep unless its a campsite and this is almost a campsite so acceptable. The showers were OK but a bit grotty.

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