The Postman Always Rings Twice

This weekend we went to Derby drinking with ex-work colleagues. It was a late night with much beer being drunk. It was good to see some of the old team. Jade, our neice was there, as was Noel an even older freind from previous employment(s). I know Jade was pretty drunk but she never reads the blog so will never see this…….. After the event we stayed at a buddies house in Nottingham (thanks Mike and family) and in the morning we went to the post office to get my IDP. Some of you might recall the problem woth the photo at the last post office in Newcastle. No such problem this time and the same photo was accepted without question and both IDPs issued. Just goes to prove that a jumped up little tart (and manager protecting her staff) have no idea how the check passport photos. Me thinks the Post Office in Newcastle need more training and a lesson in customer service. Especially when IDPs are pretty pointless anyhow…..How to tell if a passport photo is good.

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