On Her Majestys Secret Service

Don’t you just love it when service is like it should be ?We both bank with Santander and today after visiting our branch to see the manager (how often can you say you see the manager?) we came away happy as we always do. Jo, our branch manager has done all our banking in 2 hours. Condensed from 12 months into 2 hours. She really is a star !!! AGAIN !So thanks to Jo, our branch manager for servicing us both again! Oh missus….She did manage to open a few more ISA’s (those in the UK know what these are) and register us for no tax as we are now not earning anything so need to pay no tax. This is how banking should be and how it used to be, so all is not lost in the UK banking system. They just need to stop taking on toxic debt and screwing up the economy……..Oh, and removing foreign call centres would be a major start for the majority of banks. Santander are all in the UK as far as I know…….Well done. 123 guys….

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