Lost In Space

The other day whilst trying to get maps for my Garmin satellite navigation box (actually, its just a hand held GPS) I updated the firmware using the Garmin online updater. It managed to kill it completely. I did everything to the letter as the GPS is very importantfor the trip. Now its broken. I’ve sent it to Garmin to be replaced and they promise it will be returned in five days….we shall see. If its not back before we leave we are in big trouble. I will need to buy another as we cannot risk not having it. We will be truely “Lost in Space” without it. Although we have maps for South America they are not good. We actually have six maps for South America but they don’t come close to the free GPS ones available. (Open Street Maps for example)We have two cases full of stuff to take back to South Africa and most of them are replacment parts for the car. Things we’ve used on the road need to be put back in stock in my spares box. Things we origionally had in Africa and then used as maintenance are being replaced. I’m not worried about the weight but the silly customs rules for going on holiday to South Africa. They have a really low import limit for personal items entering South Africa. We’re not up to the limit with new stuff but if they include ALL our stuff in the limit things like mobile phones (and this and that) then we might possibly be over. Who knows how much old phones and stuff are worth and really is anyone bothered to add it all up before getting on the plane. I would think the spares are covered by the Carnet but I’m not sure.

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