Caindo Na Estrada

Not much to report as all we do it drive….We’re on our way to the Falls at Iguacu and according to the web theres an overland biker camp or something like that. This is what we are pinning our hopes on. We also are pinning them on the weather being good and a supermarket close by that sells alcohol !BTW we are in a Mcdonalds. We have had a burger and as always wish we hadn’t. It was just the Burger (“solo” as they say here). Why can’t Mcdonalds get the burgers anywhere near as nice as Burger King…..maybe its the high percentage of horse meat….you see we are sort of following the UK news !We’ve received a few messages via Sat Phone now and a follow up mail from the pioneer. Normally its Dad who sends messages to the phone with usefull info on where we can get free Wi-Fi. This time the advice was good but we’re not in the correct town as Dad suggested. Unlocked Mcdonalds Wi-Fi at its best and a Burger at its worst…..well almost. The world record for that was the one we had at 2am in Rio on the road back from the Samba-drome. Now that wasn’t beef for sure. I’m not even sure the meat was from an animal.Matilda needs and oil change tomorrow. Coke bottles saved up to get rid of it and thanks to Mike we have and easy time with the “DrainPlug” adapter he suggested we buy before setting off. No hot oil down my arm! As Mike will remember you must remember to bring the pipe and disconnect it again when refilling ! Two mistakes on two separate occasions and a pool of oil on his drive for the latter….I just wish he’d advised me to buy a Land Cruiser……only kidding.Anyhow once we’ve been to the falls its North for us all the way. Not sure there are any more Southern detours we need to do. Its all North I think. We will be skipping through Paraguay and then eventaully to the tourist mecca’s in Peru.

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