Hard Rain1

My windscreen wipers have worried me for quite a while and in fact since the shake down to Morocco. I’ve been putting off fixing them and its a pain in the bum taking the entire dash off. However after a bit of Google work I found an article written on a Land Rover Forum. Written by Ralph or western as he’s know there. Its a make do and mend fix which has worked perfectly. Thanks to him. He does actually read this blog sometime as he frequents the forum I use quite a bit.So the fix was to remove the drive cable and turn the gears over 180 degrees so the cable is running on an unused part of the gear. They now seem to work. Lets see in the next torrential downpour.Currently staying in an Overlander camp in Oaxaca with another Land Rover Defender and a family from Leamington. Mum, Dad and a single daughter. The other daughter is at home. Sleeping in two roof tents and on their way south. He has a leaking swivel seal so he’s got some parts off me which I can easily replace in the UK. They shipped into USA from the UK.At the moment we are sat here having a beer and wondering why I don;t follow my own advice and get moving. If there was nobody here we would have only stayed one night…..its a disease I tell you !

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