A Year And A Day

Last night to celebrate (the following is becoming a habit) we slept in the car park outside a restaurant. This has happened before and those of you who read the blog will remember us doing this in Uganda on our wedding aniversary. This time to celbrate being on the road for a year. We dined at Ocean Basket….if you don’t know what this is you can google for the menu and choose what you want to eat (like my mother did) so if you ever get to Southern Africa, as they have them all over, you can realise the dream. Its not the first time we have eaten here and its usually good. This time was no different and we had some Kahula Dom Pedro’s to finish. This is an addiction passed onto us by Des and Hennie our South African freinds. You can also google to find out what they are.We’ve met the famous Greek (3 thefts from their car!) party in Cape Agulhas and the last time it was their passports so they are stranded here for three months. Some strange rule that you cannot get a replacement passport for three months if you are Greek. Might be that they need to borrow the money to get them printed.We’ve also just met a team of Austrian overlanders who also came down the west coast in their Bremach truck. They are on their way back up the East.So tonight we are in a backpacker place in Cape Agulhas and i’ve had to let the car tyres down to get in. I’ve also used it as an opportunity to check the height of the car with the roof rack attached to see if we can get it in the 2.28m container. It might just work. Once in the container we can pump them back up as its only the door thats low.We have a quote from an agent in Uruguay to release the truck from the port and its not good news…VERY expensive. Still waiting for additional quotes.We’re on our way ever nearer to meeting Henning after many months. Will there be tears, I doubt it.

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