The Avengers

If you’ve seen the new Avengers movie you will be familiar with Black Widow. Well she seems to have come to live in the campsite power box where we were about to plug in Matilda…..she didn’t survive the Baygon (Raid Spray to the English). Niether did the egg sacks she’s made after eating her husband. Not the sexy sexy good eating you might have heard Borat mention but the bad kind of eating spiders do……Last night we visited the windy most southern point. Met the Greeks that have been robbed of their passports (robbed three times!!!) and the Austrians in an Italian truck. The first real overlanders we have met for a long while. We are of course excluding Nick and Vicky as they are retired overlanders, for now at least.Shipping quotes are becoming a pain. The fees in S.Am seem to be twice the cost of all other countries in the world. Update on that tomorrow, we hope!Fees at this end (A) plus the shipping (B) $2500, Fees at other end (C) $2500!!. So that means C = 2A (where B = Zero). Its twice the price!!!

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