Into The Blue

after leaving Morogoro and the free hotel, car wash and beer luxury we have moved on to Dar Es Salaam and the Beach Campsite at Kigamboni (or something like that..). This is a nice place with one fatal flaw….they don’t have any fresh water ! none….The showers are salt, the pool is salt and so is the sea about 10meters away. So once you have dipped you can’t get un-salty. Its annoying. The have a bore hole and this water is used for everything and the water is Brackish which means mostly salty. We’ve had to order water to rinse off. Ordering it at a cost i might add. Combine this with the fact that its damn hot here its not the best campsite in the world. If they had fresh water it would be lovely.Also I’ve taken some photos of Julie for those who cannot remember what she looks like and are moaning that i don’t post any ( he doesn’t actually take any of me!).

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