Jewel Of the Nile

A Partial Update – 8/1/12
I started this as an Email to Mustafa but thought why not share the ramblings……We are just on the edge of Sudan and had a lovely night on the banks on the Nile last night. We watched the sun set and camped about 5 meters from the water and as near as the bank would let us park. All that was needed was a beer and it would have been one of the best nights so far. No flies and no noise. We are easy to please nowadays. I’d be even happier with a beer as its too hot not to drink beer at sunset. Its 35c all day and doesn’t get cooler till 9pm and even then its 25c. Tomorrow or the day after we will head into Ethiopia and onto Tim and Kims Village near Gorgora. A Dutch couples camp site. We may stay for a week and have a rest. Hopefully I will update the blog if I can find the internet and also post some pictures. What we need is a good mobile internet provider for Ethiopia and I think so far we’ve been lucky. I’ve been amazed how a country (Sudan) with so much poverty can still have 3G internet !! Ethiopia might bring me back to reality and then again I might be more amazed how you can’t get a drink of water but you can still surf the web ! Now that’s progress.

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