Still No Post

Been to the post office again and according to the tracking number the letter is still in the UK. Great !The internet at the camp is rubbish. It lasts about 5 mins before cutting off and for some reason they have multiple routers and neither is set up correctly. I must resist the temptation to reconfigure them ;-)So i’m currently running on mobile which is also broken and has just come on as 3.5G for the first time in a week. I’m presuming the transmitter was broken as its just come on full strength again.Thanks to Margaret we have been doing some looking at the South Africa parks pass and its about 2200 rand which 185quid. We can then go into the park and pay for camping which is something under 20quid. Trouble is as Margaret pointed out we need to go to SA (Petoria) to get it ! This isn’t quite as bad as it could be as Petoria is in Northern SA. So alucky break there.Today i noticed that Matilda is making a funny noise at lowish revs. I’m a bit worried. ITs certainly in the Engine bay and possibly in the Engine itself ! I’m not sure what to do and without an expert ear it will be very difficult to diagnose. Ontop of that i’ve just given her a wax polish (i must be bored)

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