Going Postal

I’m a bit mad. Turns out the Royal Mail has sent my important post as snail mail not on the 4 to 7 days they promised. So we wouldn’t have got it for about another week and maybe more. So we’ve given up on it and told the very helpful postmaster in Entebbe to send it back to the UK. The post never even left the UK for 5 days and then would go to Kenya Nairobi, Kampala Uganda and then soemwhere else i don;t recognise before Entebbe. The Royal Mail AirSure service isn’t available to Uganda but according to the Uganda Postal people they get it from a lot of other countries in 4 days. So Royal Mail you have let me down BADLY !!!I’m currently now trying to call the UK (not easy) to get something else arranged.We are moving on to Tazania in the hope of being further annoyed by the corrupt police. They are world famous for being very corrupt.

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