Out Of Uganda And Into

Tanzania ( 2500TSH to The Pound )Once we decided that the post wasn’t going to come we were almost lost as to where to go next. We can’t afford the $150 per day for Matilda in the parks so we just wanted to travel round the lake. A few of the roads on the GPS said “Armed Escort” but I decided that it must be old info so off we went. Turns out i was right. The views on some of the stretches are stunning. Some of the places you can say for cheap also have stunning locations with views inland and onto the water. You’d think you we on the sea! The lake is fresh water though and although very tempted i resisted the urge to go swimming. The lake has that snail infestation and i don’t want that with the peeing blood and all the other symptoms although i didn’t catch it in Ethiopia at Tim and Kims (Miserable, Moaning Hideaway).We paid nothing for camping outside a hotel in Bukoba (Spice Motel) and 18,000TSH for drinks and meals. At the moment we are in Mwanza and paying 20,000TSH to stay in the Yacht Club grounds right next door to the nicest hotel in town (Hotel Talapia) with some of the best views. The hotel has a pool, bar(of course) and numerous restaurants. They even have some old cars on display with one being a very nice SAAB and a Rolls Royce. We didn’t get a ride in either and they were slightly older than Matilda who’s 18 this year and comming of age. We also missed the Formula 1 and only managed to watch cricket. (We did catch the start the night after)We’ve also met another couple (slightly younger) who are on their way home. 3 Years on the road !! They’ve been to all the places we want to go and would you believe it are on their honeymoon. We will link to their website so you can see who they are and what they are up to. They will be home in 12 weeks.Today 20 March we are staying in the Police (wait for it) Hotel…actually not an hotel at all but the Police and Army Club. This as it turns out is a rather nice Victoria Lake front Bar. The only downside so far is the new restaurant isn’t open so we’ve had to make bolied potatoes, sausages and onion gravy (lovely). We must remember to put Adsa Gravy on out list of things to buy when we come home for our hoildays. We are in Musoma tonight and the manager has offered the car park to others that may be passing. So go past the airport runway, past the peninsular hotel and its on right past the modern looking deralict buliding (who knows what that was/is meant to be). So with this in mind i’m goign to say the police so far have not lived up the the hype….no stops, no tickets, no nothing and free accomodation to boot. We shall spread the word as things do seem to have changed here.The sound in Matilda is still there and thanks to Julies finger tapping we don’t get notifications of blog comments via Email so missed Lisa’s comment on the guy in Kampala (damn and blast!!) so i’m still trying to think what it is. It may be Water Pump, Alternator, Tensioner or something more insideous. By that i mean Inside….eous. Hopefully not.I’ve fixed the comments….so no more missed information. !!!Thanks Lisa….Nile River Explorers Camp – JinjaItandaFalls and the local rip off admission we didn’t payFaze3 Restaurant – EntebbeFranks – Entebbe Backpackers – EntebbeNabugabo Holiday Centre – Nabugabo Lake, UgandaFerry from Busisi to near Mwanza (southern ferry)Yacht Club – Mwanza Yacht Club – Mwanza Police Club and Bar – MusomaPolice Club and Bar – MusomaYes i have shaved off the beard and its growning back nicely. Pic 3 shaved. Pic 1 Beard. Pic 10 on its way back.

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