Back In Kenya

back at Jungle Junction…..bah !Not too happy about being back here but they’ve fixed the light in the toilet so i can avoid peeing in the dark. They’ve also alegedly sorted out the internet access and seem to have followed the advice i gave someone about “patch tuesdays” and the windows updates. Theyv’e asked all not to download windows updates. I doubt anyone will listen.The border crossing from Tanzania to Kenya was painless and super quick. No money was paid as we have all the visa’s and stuff. If we have gone in Rwanda we would have had to pay again.We like Tanzania ! Not only are the police nowhere near as bad as we were told they even gave use free accomodation. So to all those that say they are corrupt. So far none have been. Not a single dodgy ticket in any country for that matter. We shall no doubt break that rule in Mozambique but we shall see.

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