Shake Rattle And Roll

Success. I’ve found the rattle. Turns out it was the steeing guard coming loose. I removed the water pump tensioner and replaced the water pump with a new one as it was leaking (like always) but seemed to be getting worse. I thought it might have been that but once re-filled the rattle was still there. So a bit of revving later and laying on my back under the car i spotted the offending loose bolt. So i now have a non-leaking water pump (fingers crossed) and a non-rattling car. Drama Over……Nile River Explorers – Jinja – The source of the Nile.Nabugab Holiday Centre – Lake Nabugabo UgandaFerry Port – Busisi Side to KigongaSpice Motel – Bukoba, TanzaniaSpice Motel – Bukoba, TanzaniaNo Road – Being Built between Bujoba and Gieta

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