The Danish Girl

‘​Henrietta made it to Denmark and has another flag. We came here on a surprise visit to see Henning. It was a very BIG surprise. Henning came home from work and we were sat outside his apartment. A few cryptic facebook messages and it suddenly dawned on him we were outside and not on our way to Africa. We are actually still on a way but with this little detour. 550 miles and a 34 Euro each way on the bridge. Luckily we got class 2 for the camper-van otherwise its nearly 80 Euro each way! That would have be enough to reconsider the visit and turn round.Still learning how to use the new camera so the selfies are rubbish. Some shots in Copenhagen and of the expensive bridge. The trip to Ikea Sweden for an free “Family Card” tea is cancelled as that’s nearly 100 Euro return so the free tea and that extra overlandstickers Sweden flag doesn’t quite add up in trip budget terms.So that’s it. The end of the first blog entry for the new trip. I’m sure they will get better…maybe not.

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