End of Days

MABUYA Camp, Lilongwe, Malawi is closing down. The first time we were here was in 2012 on our first trip, it used to be called Kiboko Camp back then. We’re actually here in it’s last week of survival it’s been sold by the owner Tom. A message from Tom said that covid finished it off. Such a shame as it actually picking up with tourism here and with Malawi being one of the last places to open i’m not surprised it’s taken so long. Every day we see backpackers through here and one of the lodges near the lake actually said they were completely full the other week.

The site is actually becoming a local clinic although we don’t know what will happen to the buildings or structures or rooms or anything already here but it looks like they are going to be flattened. Here’s some photos of the place in its last week. Will we be the last overlanders here? I’m sure you will all remember this iconic stop over.

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