Amman A Woman And A Salty Drink

We stayed in Amman another day to get Matilda an eye operation. She now has left hand drive lights. They are soooo much better and will be much safer on the African roads. These were tested to the extreme as it rained all the way to the Dead Sea. Its not very far but we left late after visiting the landrover part place one last time to get some valve covers and some rockers for my kit. I’m now prepared for the problem the Dutch faced should it happen to me. The £25 worth of parts costing about £160 but thats life on the road……We didn’t visit the John the Baptist site as it was £22 and a royal rip off. I wonder what JC would think to the price? I know if he were a Yorkshireman he’d think it was too expensive. The Dead Sea Panorama visitors centre on the other hand was £3.50 and excellent. Worth a visit. the weather had cleared giving us OK views of the other side. I doubt it gets much clearer across the sea as its very low lying at -400 meters. The lowest i’ve been ( other than when i worked for Noel ! ). The joke is for Noels amusement…..We are now at Karak and sleeping in the car park of a Crusader Castle although I doubt they had cars so i think its an addition. This is one of the places we are visting that Top Gear haven’t been as everywhere else seems to have featured in the show. It’s better than Lonely Planet.One of the highlights so far is the Dead Sea swim. The Dutch team kindly sent us the GPS coordinates of a secluded beach so we made good use of the seclusion and even Julie came in for a swim. More of a flounder (for both of us) than a swim. I now realise what a new swimmer must feel like getting used to floating as the dynamics are so different you flounder about like a fool.

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