Air Jordan

The air quality in Amman in terrible so we are going back for antoher try. Upon arrival in Jordan we went to Jerash into a hotel which the Dutch team paid for (a thank you for the help, very nice). It wasn’t great but its was OK for one night. It would have had some fantastic views had the wather not been so rubbish in the morning. We arrived late and the night ported made us dinner in the form of omlette and hummus etc etc. Traditional stuff. We also had a few beers but then realised they were about 5 Euro each!! Again the dutch paid and this prevented me having a heart attack paying for 5 Euro beer.We left the hotel and went into Jerash to see Its roman ruins,,,its quite large. I’ll post some photos. We also took the now compulsary drive in “heavy traffic getting lost route” around the town. This seems to be a theme we are continuing everywhere we go. We tagged along with the Dutch as they seemed to know where they were going. On leaving Jerash we went onto the capital Amman to firstly find me a replacement Fuel Lift Pump. We found eventually the main part supplier for Land Rover bits in Amman luckily still open late on Thursday (Friday being the weekend so closed). They were really helpful and had a pump in stock so my part is now replaced (over twice the price of the UK) . They are also trying to get me some left hand drive headlights and some spare rockers for my parts box. (we are returning to Amman on Saturday to collect them) We managed to excel with the “heavy traffic” route to the Amman hotel taking two hours only to find it unsuitable, having no parking, so we moved on to another. We went for a walk into town to get some dinner and find a Bank. Santander had cancelled the card so i purchased a SIM to call them, so it cost me 10 Euro to call to sort out the mess. They say they hadn’t cancelled it but next time we tried it it was miraculously working. Like they hadn’t done anything! Dinner was in a famous street cafe, was damn nice and didn’t cost much. We borrowed money to pay……. We actually didn’t use the hotel we found in the end and slept on the street outside. A nice quiet Cul-De-Sac. Since the weather is now getting better we were too hot. The dutch did however use the room. I thought 25 Euro wasn’t justified having had a shower the night before. Budget and all that.Today we’ve moved on to Madaba to see some mosaics but are on our way back to Amman straight after so we can collect the parts tomorrow.I hate covering a few days in one post it gets all confused so i hope you get the jist of twhat we’ve been up to. Have a guess where we found Wi-Fi…..side of the motorway in, you guessed it, the big Golden Arches……

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