Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back

So for those of you too ‘stupid’ to get the hint….The place is of course Yavin 4 reble base from Star Wars. Not as my father mentioned a place in Turkey. A place is Guatemala called Tikal. A Mayan temple complex. Worth a visit. Really it is. Its better than the Great Pyramids of Egypt. Mainly for one good reason. There are no Egyptians touts there…..hassle is zero. The charge is less being Q150 to get in about $20usd each. Camping was Q50 each and the map was Q20. All in about $55usd for a visit and two days exploring. We arrived late at around 15:30 so the ticket is valid for the next day. You get to see the place empty as there is nobody around from 4pm onwards. Then the next morning you can either see the sunrise or wander in with the tribes. We stayed two nights in the little campsite and could have got in again on the third day had we tried. I’d estimate 5 hours is enough to see all.I must say I was amazed at the amount of work it took to uncover some of the Temples. They Jungle has completely covered them. They are working hard to uncover others. You can see what they were like in the Photo with the scaffolding. The restoration is astonishing. We met some other overlanders in Anigua Guatemala in a VW Combi. Their Combi leaks more than Matilda and Matilda has been doing that very well recently. Its rainy season……Antigua is Tourist Central  and you can camp in the Tourist Police Car Park. Its free. Has Showers and Toilets and is very near town. A note to others. We’ve not been stopped by the Police at all except Honduras which was no hassle. We’ve been lucky! All just ignore us or wave us through with happy smiles. Only Honduras was annoying as we were stopped quite a few times in a short duration but for nothing other than a chat. Lets see how Mexico goes. We have the EPA permission for Matilda to entre to USA…..Yeah !Photos, Overlanding meetings, Brunos Camp Rio Dulce and Tikal.

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