Romancing The Stone

Some photos of where we are staying in Cartagena. You may note there is a car park in front and its big enough for Land Rover or medium truck. The Hotel is 70,000 or $37usd. Its got cable TV, Air-con and Wi-Fi. The rooms are cleaned properly and although its slightly noisy its fine. We are going to be here in total two weeks. There’s no food provided.There’s a photo of the item the narcotics agent was most “interested” in. As you might note its “tip-ex correction mouse”. The handling agent Martha was also interested in what it was. After a demonstration the narcotics agent was happy and Martha wanted one. After I explained it was Julies and I would ask her Martha was happy. Later Julie donated the item and Martha was very happy.There’s also a few GS’s in one of the hotels….maybe 100 of them. Mostly 1200’s and all Colombian.

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