The King And I

Today we went to the shipping agent to complete some paperwork and pay some money. At the moment we aren’t filled with confidence that they are 100% used to shipping overlanders. They don’t speak a work of English but we are managing via Google translate. Luckily they have Wi-Fi on the office so we can have a limited conversation. Once we are in Panama with our car we will post a detailed report of what we did, who they are and what everything costs. We are holding off posting incomplete info just in case the Agents mess it all up. We are also expected to report on this to the recommended Agents who will no longer do overlanders as it was they who passed us on. They asked us to do this. If they do a good job we will certainly recommend them. At the moment the costs are as expected.Today we went to Burger King for a quick lunch on the way to the agent. I noticed a sign on the till that said if they don’t give you a receipt that your entire order is free. Of course I waited until I had my order and then notified them that I had not received a receipt. After a bit of an argument which neither side understood. I was refunded my money. Makes a Yorkshire-man very happy to have a lunch for free…..even if I had to argue the point. Why have a sign if it means nothing. I’ve said it before, rules are made to be followed and if the people who make them don’t actually want you to follow them they they can just remove them. Normally policy’s and rules are left in place for ever…..when did McDonald’s formally notify us all that free re-fills were gone….they had lovely adverts to tell us they give free re-fills at the start……sometime later it ended. Nobody told me. At least not in a TV advert or any sort of sign/poster. Henning is in Panama with his bike after flying there. He also flew the bike. I wish we could fly Matilda. You must have at least $500USD to get in and a return/onward ticket. These are the rules among others. Silly airline rules blaming Immigration.

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