Jehova’s Witnesses Again!


We seem to have a knack of finding them….Those of you in the know will recognise the magazine as the Jehovah Witness publication. The hotel receptionist was reading it so I snatched it. English version. Now handed back for someone else to read. I read all about how I want to kill Julie most of the time and how we will both be saved if we move into a Hotel so Mr. Garmin doesn’t cause any more arguments. There was also a nice snippit about the new 3D printer that prints in Titanium !!! I could make car parts on the road !!! If the new lottery winner wants to buy me one I’d be very happy to receive the gift.
One of the hotel carparks we stayed in. Actually it was a Hostel and probably a place where man and women do the naughty. It was quiet and safe and on the main road. We were allowed to shower and use a room if we wanted. It was only 15,000 and the staff were nice. The GPS point is on the map near Caucasia on Ruta 25. Called Hostal El Rosal. (yes I know I look as fantastic as aways)

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