Can you guess why the title is the famous Metropolis ??Anyhow some pictures of Fish River and a few other places. Today we camp at Upington and the reasonable price of 60rand pppn. Two other Landies in the camp, both Pumas. Last night we stayed at Grunau at the Country House and we met a 200Tdi. A 1993 so just a year older than Matilda. The country House was a nice little camp and had an excellent (cheap) bar. Camping was 50N$ and beers were 10N$ as was wine. Just superb!!! How it should be and if they arn’t on trip advisor I will add them and make a special effort. We enjoyed a night of beer and wine in the bar and made my Mothers Birthday special by sending a video of us singing Happy Birthday. We were not drunk when we shot it…..Julie was half way there however. (Message to Mother the blog doesn’t need a soppy comment, you’ve already emailed me one). Happy Birthday again.Message to other travellers. Cheap charcoal is cheap for a reason……if it says its green charcoal its more of a reason to avoid it. Go for carbon emissions. I suppose my Green Charcoal was rather like green wood, rubbish for cooking.

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