50000 Leagues Under The Sea

OK so its 20,000 leagues but today we passed 50,000km. 10 Months into our journey and not even half way round or half way through. We’ve started preparing for a trip home to do Administration. Dentists, Doctors, Tax Return, Visit Family, Buy Spare Parts…the list is growing. Kgalagadi,,,,We’ve yet again arrived at a Game Park. Will we never learn??? We’ve already had the “you’re sure to see” – “leopard, Lion” at X position off two differnet groups of people. The lions “only moved 200meters in 2 days” was one comment. So we shall see,,,, or we won’t. Which do you think is more likely? I know what i’m going for.We actually came here to see Meerkats. Already seen Mongoose so another tick there. Since Meerkats are “cats” its unlikely to happen. They will run for cover when they hear us coming. Are you expecting photos ? You may wait a long time so try Google Images. Its more reliable than us.

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