Grand Canyon

Its not quite the Grand Canyon (but its a good film) although Fish River Canyon is better to look at in my opinion. The river shows its curves more and so it gets a thumbs up. Its typical NWR prices at 80N$ per person and 10N$ for the car. Its not too bad really. We’d stayed at the Canyon Roadhouse the night before and this was over our maximum and 240N$ for us both (120N$ pppn). As it turns out we’d have been better at the NWR place in Hobas inside the Canyon Park. I wish the NWR had some type of uniformity in their charging. The Hobas camp was 100N$ pppn and since it was in the park we imagined as with the other parks that the entrance of 170N$ would need to be paid on top of the camping for both days, not the case. This park has a 24 hour policy on the entrance! Rather unlike all the other NWR parks, except Ethosha which has this policy if you are camping. Its bloody annoying as we ended up paying more.The Canyon Roadhouse is a strange place and filled with old vehicles and all sorts of car bodies and junk, a little like you’d imagine an old garage would be. The campsite was immaculate and the ablutions were also good. They had even provided an separate block for the overland buses with many toilets and showers for the tribes that arrive on them.We went to the hot springs at Ai-Ais and wern’t impressed. Enough said.We also found out the walk from the Canyon viewpoints to Ai-Ais inside the canyon takes 5 days! I want to walk it but we haven’t got the gear with us. You walk down a VERY steep entrance to the canyon floor and then at the river until the hot springs at Ai-Ais some 80km away. Something we may come back to do one day. We did see some overweight people on their way down and at the speed they were walking they may finish in 10 days. There’s only one way in and out of the walk but they have provided an emergency accent at half way. So once your in their you are in for the trek. You have to go with a guide.I’ll post some photos when we have more bandwidth of the canyon. 

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