Once Upon A Time In Mexico

Into Mexico and a few days relaxing. Who would have thought they have campsites….finally after all this time we can camp knowing we will be safe all night. We have nobody tapping on the side of the car or leaving notes under our wipers ! Although have a note left for us is a nice way to get us parking outside your house.Last night I was ill again with the same thing I had in Lima. One night of high fever and chills and some toilet fun. Not sure what it is but it turns out another travellers daughter had the same thing so it must be a virus. Feeling a bit better but still not 100%. Today we have a short drive so it should be all good.I should also mention we passed 21 months on the road. Into the 22nd month and into America just as pass into the 23rd (we hope).Matilda is running OK with the new Injectors and Turbo. The old ones are in the box as they were working OK when removed. The fuel use has stayed the same. I was at least expecting some change one way or the other. I’ve got some parts ordered for Mum to bring out but these are mainly service items as always. I’ve also ordered some new drive flanges to tighten us the rear axle. At least tighten as much as is possible on a car as old as Matilda.Still waiting to hear if the Southern California Land Rover club meeting is going ahead. They have asked us along which requires some reorganising of the schedule in Southern USA. If they don’t  let us know shortly we will be unable to make it.We met some other travellers in the Camp Site and they have donated their Mexico Lonely Planet. Thanks !!!! We now know where we are going…..http://www.travelsouthbound.de/

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