The Long Post Home

Waiting in Entebbe for post….campsite is 4quid per night so not too bad. They keep having power cuts so showers are delayed sometimes by hours ! This is no good as we can no longer go 5 or 7 days without a wash. The humidity is high and so is my moisture content. Julies smells like a fishermans wife….at least she thinks she does but to be honest i smell so bad i can’t smell her. I might be exagerating a bit but you get the point. Even Matilda’s had a wash. I dream of a pressure-washer but its a kitchen sponge and a bucket in Africa.Uganda is also too expensive. You know its $150 usd per day to take your car into a national park. The locals pay almost nothing (~7 quid). So to go into a park is about $200 per day plus camping which is $30 per night. Who can afford that ??? Its per 24 hours so to get anything done you need two days. We arn’t going into any and will pay for a parks pass in South Africa and go in for days on end. Same animals,,, same difference.So if you look on Google images at images of Uganda….you’ve seen more than us !

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