Journey To The Center Of The Earth

Some places we’ve been before. Massive mileage to get to them. Matilda is yet again leaking. We overheated badly at one point because I was looking for a camping spot and not “driving” or paying attention to the car. First time in 2 years we have been in the “orange section” on the water temp. Luckily I got to it and got the temp down quickly. The head is OK…..I hope. A head problem here and its game over as I doubt there’s anywhere that knows diesel let alone Land Rover. I’m getting to the same point as one of our travelling friends. This is meant to be fun but car trouble really puts a damper on it. When they read this they will know its them I’m referring to. I hope all is well guys.Julie hasn’t done the accounts for ages as we just do not have time to stop and do it. We are running to a deadline that we haven’t had in two years. Getting somewhere to spend 5 or 6 hours doing the blog/account/maintenance isn’t happening. I’m behind on greasing and probably need to change to oil due to the overheat.
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