Run Forrest Run

Matilda has a new set of legs……Air bags gone. Helper springs fitted at the “healthy!” price of £216 (UK) or 550,000 TSH. The garage didn’t have any so in true African style stole some off another car in the garage (so second hand 25,000km used and off Puma 110 so Genuine Land Rover parts). I wasn’t going to complain. They did a get job of fixing them on in about 2 hours. Then we discovered the rear anti roll bar needed some new Universal Joints but they were two expensive at £40 each and i needed two. So we cobbled together some old bushes i had and using the Dremmel made them the correct shape, re-greased then and refitted the UJ’s. Another thing for the shopping list for the UK when we come home. The UJ’s have new boots fitted to hopefully keep the grease in.
PHOTOSMatilda with a saggy behind.
Air Bag needing to come out
Discussions on the fly
The stolen partsAssembly
The fitting process
Second side to do
Carefully putting the part together before lifting on
Madonna turned up.
She was rather dirty.
Matlida what her ass in the air again.
The helper spring inside the main spring. ( note repaired UJ )
The broken Air Bag support ( i drilled the holes tring to fix it )
Photos are all Julies work. Good work !

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