Fuel Glorious Fuel

The trip to the National Park in Malawi is cancelled. Thanks to a bit of irresponsible travelling and a stuck lorry which we had to drive around (a rather long way to get 150meters past it where the detour came out was about 30km) we don’t have enough Diesel to go to the park and still make it out of Malawi. We don’t have a sim and are using the dongle in Mzoozoozoo to post this so we won;t have email proper for a while. The town where we are is OK and has some reasonable shops to get some stocks of food. We are re-stocked in alcohol which is the main thing. We’ve done the washing and its out to dry in the good weather we are now getting a few nights of heavy rain in Chitimba Beach and Lukwe Camp were dampening our spirits (quite literally) and considering we had no spirits left we are happy to be here in the dry with vodka.We knew before we arrived that the owner here was Korean. They aren’t here!!! but the replacement hosts are….  The Korean Girl and here partner (who learnt korean in 2.5 years BTW) had dumplings, soup, bap, kimchi last night for us (the Kimchi was just for us). Tonight is Bibimbap but no kimchi as she’s run out. 

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