Biltong Almost Forgot

I almost forgot. Ivan gave me some home made Biltong (google it) and i do actually like it. I’d been looking a the hundereds of shops that sell it and had decided since i know nothing about it that i’d give it a miss. I’d tried Beef Jerky in the USA only becuase i’d seen it in “Trading Places”. You know the bit where they are on the train and Eddie says “beef jerky time” Anyhow. Thanks !Its a manly snack requiring a very sharp pen knife to cut off chunks. My sort of thing. I forget what Ivan said it was made from but the animal in question was killed by the man himself. Now thats recycling….or is it hunting…or is it just cooking…sorry drying/curing thing. Anyhow its good. Julies not so keen….as i said. Its a man thing…..

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