Four Star Livingcamping Actually

A nice camsite in Durban and its got 4 stars ! The toilets are spotless and the site is level and so far its quiet. We are shielded from the Alien mind probes as we are under some power lines. They are a couple of hunder feet up in the air as we are in the bottom of a valley. Its the nearest we can get to Durban camping so i do hope there’s something to do here. We need to find a local who knows the place…..Would that be Des and Brenda who we stayed with at Troutbeck….i think it will be. I hope they are about. They both work for a living so i think we should meet them for Dinner. Ocean Basket anyone ? (Google it)I’ve had a shave today. My beard was becoming too long and I also need to do my hair again. I’m sure its growing faster and my bald spot is dissapearing….At least i keep telling myself that. Julie has been tasked with shaving my neck.

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