Baywatch But No Nicole Bet You Thought Id Say Pam

Another late rise today. It was quiet in the campsite and tonight the kids have arrived, dogs, crying….etc. They will no doubt be up at 6am and acting like its 9am and their parents say nothing. I know i was always told before 9 and after 9 is “be quiet” time. No slamming car doors and no shouting etc etc. This doesn’t get instilled in the children nowadays. There goes my sleep. If its not bad enough in every campsite the “leaf guy” comes around at usually before 8am sweeping up leaves. This has been the case since Kenya. The campsite are leaf free zones but do they really have to start before 8am?? Clean the loos at 8am and sweep the leafs at midday. PLEASE !Anyhow we went to Durban beach today. Not too bad really. Free parking and a nice walk on the clean promanade. I wouldn’t like to be there at night. We also seem to end up downtown every time we go out and downtown isn’t good. We so far have managed to pass thorugh there in daylight (dusk) hours so all is good. I dread to think what its like after dark. A no go zone i would imagine. One thing is that they do have a lot of police around these areas but that may be because i’m looking for them !We’ve met another nice couple who cooked us ostrich stew last night so we went to bed too late again. They have invited us to their place when we are back in Joburg. I need to replace the front output shaft on the transfer box and their driveway will be just the place. I’m wondering if i will actully get it out of the box without a slide hammer??? Its been out once a few weeks ago so maybe it will come out easily. I bet it won’t. I’m also thinkning of changing the front half shafts for good measure and complete the service which is due. So their driveway would be perfect. I’m after some new BFG tyres and these are a BIG cost i’d rather put off till we come back from Namibia.We now own some ostrich steaks….

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