Darn It

it may work better than epoxy….by darn i mean damn and blast and the woollen thing you grannie does to your socks. My epoxy didn’t hold and neither did the three bolts put in for good measure.To my father, you cannot see the 3000kg rated hi-lift farm jack on the rear bumper. That and the little bottle are holding the car up. Two Jacks. It was later the dodgy lifting started but at that point the wheel was back on and i was working on the spring with the wheel attached. Still buttock clenching time. I hate farm jacks.So we are stuck in the Christian Mission for another night…..we need to move. This place isn’t very good. Its CHEAP though and has a flat good car park for jacking ( the car ! ). Two other cars arrived today and they left to another place quite quickly. We may follow.Tomorrow i need to try to fabricate another top mount from wood and metal. It will work i think but i’m relying on local “craftsmen”. Somethings they can do but others they try and fail. Lets see…..Second option is the dealer for real Land Rover helper springs and ditch the airbags….How much and do they have them,,, including the mounts????  Hmmm.3rd plan is continue on my HD springs. Speed bumps are the issue. They arn’t gentle in Africa. Zambia and Foley’s possibly…..Pictures, Large Spacer is knackered.

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