• Map Of The Human Heart

    Finally after hours of messing about I got the full map uploaded to Google. Many problems overcome and the log size reduced to a Google friendly size. Lots of waypoints discarded but essentially this is it !

  • Carpetbaggers

    Ordered 12 meters of 4 way stretch carpet (EL154) for the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room and study. Its comes with 12 tins of high temp glue so that should be enough to have every glue sniffing lowlife round to our…

  • Super 16

    Fitted an EMS management system to the Ambulance (ouch £££!)  so I can keep and eye on the temps on stuff. Does a few neat things and will probably worry the crap out of me that something is slightly off…

  • Lockdown

    A bit of extra security thanks to Adrenalin4x4, its a great piece of kit. I might sleep at night now knowing she’s a bit safer………

  • Trading Places

    Matilda is SOLD. Off to pastures new. She’s planned to got to the Lakes and maybe Finland. SAD…..

  • Gravity

    By popular demand and because Julie is practising for her role as a lightweight lady of leisure. Some things never change but maybe weightless is appropriate.

  • Star Trek

    Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Camper-van Henrietta….Its very big……

  • Why Does It Happen To Me This Is Not A Film

    A bit of an update. Why does it happen to me…Remember the phone call for 8 hours the last time. Well this time the Insurance company sold me some insurance, yesterday. I called again this morning, like I do, to really…

  • Plan 9 From Outer Space

    Spent all weekend thinking and planning. A few panic moments were had when I thought we would have even more trouble with the parts for the new Ambulance. As its based on the Military Wolf things are a little different…

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