On Stranger Tides

So after a few days of driving, arguments and lacking campsite choice we have arrived in one tourist mecca in Namibia, Swakopmund. We are currently sat in The Tug which Ian (TrundlingJack) will remember and no doubt tell you its the best “something” in the world. Well we’ve only stopped for a Beer ! The Coffee machine is off duty for some reason. It must be his day off. We went to the Petrified Forest and the Rock Carving places and although the 40pp and 50pp was reasonable I mind paying for parking. This also seems to be a trend in the campsites as its so much per person and then something for Matilda. Now I know she’s a proper teenager but charging for cars or any age should come in the “under 5” category irrespective of her age. You’ve guessed it we don’t stay in those places. We’ve had two wild camps finally now in Namibia. One being in the middle of nowhere and the other outside of a Bar. I don’t know which I prefer. The Skeleton coast was a disappointment and although the drive is better than some long distance days it wasn’t all I expected it to be but I can’t really tell you what I expected it to be !? We must say thanks to Oppi Koppi for being free for Overlanders. Other campsites should take note. The camp was really good and we liked:- 1) Bar 2) Porcupines in the yard 3) Being FreeOne night Oppi Koppi had 57 guests and it still felt OK although the hot showers weren’t very hot by the time I got there. We never sample the food but it looked a smelt really good. We were VERY tempted but we were trying to save money and succeded in only spending the camping fee equivalent on Beers. I’m sure you will agree this was the better choice. Why waste good money on food when Beer is available ? Julie says she would rather eat, after the fact I must say. When we were sat in the Bar I think she had another idea. Can you guess ?Tonight we stay at Mile 4 Campsite and its 55pppn. The one in town is 75pppn and 70 for Matilda.  Some photos below including some featuring another tip from Mike. Changing a prop UJ using a G-Clamp. Thanks Mike. I sent you a text, did you get it? He might be at Billing, Land Rover Show. I wish we were. The boat is from 2008, the other wrecks along the coast were naff. The thing that’s looks like its fallen over is an Oil Drilling platform, (IDECO). The Other photos are self explanatory. If you have questions or comments, as usual, keep them to yourself…..LOL….seriously ask away.

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